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Marseille or spelled Marseilles in English is the second most populated city of France. It is located in the Southern part just by the Mediterranean sea on what is commonly called the French Riviera. I was blessed at my arrival with a warm sun, blue skies and early to mid 20 degrees Celsius temperature. Fantastic weather for this Late European month of November! These were truly my last days of summer-like climate for this year.

Flying over the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region


Before even arriving I had quite a good aerial view of the city of Marseilles


Now my journey starts by a stroll along the harbour


Here a good view of of just how wide the old port is from one side to another



The legendary 16th century Chateau d’If just off the coastal city of Marseille


It was made famous by Author Alexandre Dumas book: The count of Monte Cristo


Just to the south-east and in between the cities of Marseille and Cassis is where you can find the Calanques


The Calanques are made of fjords and rocky cliff that stretch for 20KM along the Mediterranean coastline



Municipal building at night



Going all the way up Fort Saint-Nicolas


Looking at Fort Saint-Jean from the top of Fort Saint-Nicolas


View of the Old Port of Marseilles in its entirety


On the way back down


I took the small ferry that crosses the old port in 2-3 minutes time


Just under Fort St. Jean


Along the Mediterranean sea


Church St.Laurent


Vielle Major Cathedral


Old Major Cathedral from the side


The Vieille Charité Museum


It was originally an old people’s home built in the 17th century


Next destination reaching Notre-Dame de la Garde


Slow ascension here about half way up looking back


Arriving at Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica


A closer view of the Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica tower


inside the crypt


My view from the Basilica which is the highest point of Marseilles


A soccer field next to the Mediterranean sea


The nave Notre-Dame de la Garde


Overlooking Marseilles from Notre-Dame de la Garde


The Palais de Longchamp monument


Unknown church


Starting to get hungry looking for a place to eat


Just picked my restaurant (the one the left)


Mussels as my entry dish


What else than Bouillabaisse for main course! This widely popular traditional dish of Marseilles is a stew made of fish and seafood served with “rouille” sauce, cheese and a little bread.


Eglise des Accoules at night


Abbey St. Victor


Boats at the old port at night


Fort St.Nicholas illuminated


Last glimpse of the city from the train station before leaving

Here is a list of my recommendations for hotels in Marseille, France

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