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A fresh new start!

Having given a little try at WordPress over the past six months on a small project I’ve been surprised by the simplicity this CMS is to setup and maintain. With Hundreds of plugins, themes & widgets readily available to make it do whatever you want I’ve decided to give up on using HTML editors to the favor of a PHP driven Blog for the simple needs I have.

This means my previous personal site will stay up but this is where all my new updates & pictures will be. This blog is still pretty much in its inception and has just barely been installed. So far after looking around a bit my choices for the plugin that will deal with my images galleries are NextGEN Gallery & photozip.

Here’s an example of what can be done with the NextGEN Gallery:

Showing the Slideshow of a gallery:

Displaying  various galleries of an Album:

One way of showing an album and it’s galleries with a bit of description

test gallery 1

some old 2003 pictures of a party

test gallery 2

more of those 2003 party pictures

test gallery 3

And now for the last gallery of the party pics...

And another way of displaying the same album & galleries in a more compact way:

Displaying  just a complete gallery:

Displaying  the image browser:

birds.of.der.untersberg (1)_full

Picture 1 of 36

By default each Gallery is displayed in it’s own WordPress Page you must create but if you prefer like I did here you can change it so it shows the galleries directly into your post (Deactivate gallery page link under OPTIONS/GALLERY for that). NextGEN Gallery is definitely the best solution for most and has a lot of options.

Photozip leaves very little customization possibilities. It’s one gallery at a time without ways to chose the thumbnail size which is rather big but very easy to deploy here’s an example of it:

The one advantage is you can put text right in between the pictures as here

Or anywhere… with Nextgen it’ll only work with the popup effect view that then shows the text commentaries.

I’ll give this more time when I return from my trip to the Philippines for now I need to concentrate on getting ready for my vacations and packing!

Welcome to everyone,


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